Arabic Keyboard

Arabic Keyboard Check

Kindly use the entry-box below to try typing in Arabic. To switch your keyboard from English (or any other script) to Arabic, use the alt + shift key. alt + shift on the left side of your keyboard switches entry to Arabic. Then, alt+shift on the right side, brings it back to English.
If your keyboard does not have Arabic letters, you may launch the virutal keyboard by clicking here.
Show Virtual KeyBoard

(You can move it up or down with your cursor)
If you manage to successfully type in Arabic, please close this window. Otherwise, kindly go through the following notes.

1. Display of Arabic text:

Kindly note that there is a difference between the display of Arabic text and the keyboard entry (writing) of Arabic text. Most current browsers display Arabic text automatically. You do not need to do anything to enable the browser to diplay it.
2. Keyboard Entry (Writing Arabic text):
- To write Arabic text (through your own keyboard or our virtual keyboard), you need to enable Arabic input. Please follow the instructions given in the link below.
Arabic Language Support
- Sometimes, the Google toolbar prevents Internet Explorer from writing the Arabic text. When you an enter an Arabic character, you see rubbish. If this happens, kindly uninstall (remove) the google toolbar and restart your computer.